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Dean Ambrose turned down a lot of money from WWE

Dean Ambrose WWE Network

Word started making the rounds earlier today that Dean Ambrose, apparently no longer content with how he’s booked within the promotion, will be leaving WWE when his current contract expires sometime after WrestleMania 35. This is a surprise if only because, well, he’s a top level guy and while wrestlers certainly come and go, he would be a fairly big name to depart at a time when the company is giving out good money to retain as much of its talent as possible.

To that end, PW Insider reported some details about the situation today that indicate just how much money Ambrose turned down in the contract he was offered: Five years for “a little over seven figures per year.”

Rumors and reports have indicated WWE is upping its contract offers both because new television deal money is kicking in and they don’t want to lose top talent to rival promotions. Of course, Insider makes sure to indicate that WWE could come back with another offer that would be more along the lines of what Ambrose wants, so it’s not a certainty he’s leaving just yet, even if they’re releasing statements to that effect. They could very well offer him even more money, even if PW Torch’s original report indicated this isn’t about that and Insider seems to back that up.

That he’s willing to turn down that much money, and that it isn’t a negotiating tactic to get even more, seems to drive home just how fed up he is with WWE booking.

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