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WWE reportedly isn’t done with WrestleMania 35’s Raw Women’s title match

Count me as one of many people pretty excited for Ronda Rousey vs. Becky Lynch at WrestleMania 35. That match was set-up and confirmed last night (Jan. 29) on Raw, but according to Wrestling Observer Radio (subscription required) we shouldn’t get too attached to the idea of a singles match for Rousey’s Women’s title just yet.

Here’s what Dave Meltzer has to say:

“For people who are wondering, it is a threeway. It is not, at least it is as of tonight, still - you know that segment was real strong I thought with Ronda Rousey and Becky Lynch, the crowd was going pretty nuts for it, they had a very good dynamic and a lot of people were talking about it and thinking that because of the way that segment went that it’s going to be a singles match. I don’t know how they get to Charlotte Flair, I do know that they have a storyline in place to get to Charlotte Flair - into the match and after TV that storyline was still in place, so, you know, it is for a wrestli - you know, it could change. Anything could. This is WWE. But it is a threeway, as of this recording.”

On the one hand, I kind of hate this, because it doesn’t need to be anything other than a one-on-one showdown to prove who the better sports entertainer is, and a Triple Threat means we’ll likely get something other than a definitive kayfabe answer to that “Ronda or Becky?” question.

On the other, it’s not like adding Charlotte to a match has ever led to a bad match. And while I really want to see her and Asuka go at it at another WrestleMania, it’s hard to say Flair’s work of late isn’t deserving of the biggest spotlight possible, and a likely main event Lynch/Rousey match is the biggest spotlight possible. The events of Sunday’s Royal Rumble also provide plenty of fodder for the Queen to lobby her way into the Raw Women’s title bout in MetLife Stadium on April 7.

We’ll see if “plans change” or not, probably as soon as tonight’s SmackDown.

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