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Brock Lesnar showed why he’s worth the trouble at Royal Rumble

There are plenty of legitimate reasons to be fed up with Brock Lesnar and the manner in which WWE enables him. He’s a hell of a businessman, and you have to at least respect it, but no one would blame you if you were tired of the part-time schedule and the fact that the Universal championship is hardly ever defended or, worse, hardly ever on television.

But I’ll be damned if he didn’t show what makes him worth the trouble at Royal Rumble, where he successfully defended the Universal championship in a damn good match against Finn Balor.

Make no mistake about it, Lesnar is great. He is and always has been a special pro wrestling talent. He is a mountain of a man who isn’t just physically impressive from an aesthetic perspective but because he moves like a man half his size. What’s more, he can deliver an entire match against a man like Balor, who is so much smaller and less intimidating, and make you believe Balor to be a legitimate threat.

Watch this:

That’s giving an awful lot to a guy who spent months and months and months just being another guy on the roster. And Lesnar certainly didn’t have to give him anything.

You know what else makes Lesnar great? Shit like this:

Are you not entertained?

There is no wrestler on the WWE roster who can offer everything Lesnar can. No matter the issues fans may have with him, legitimate as they may be, performances like this make it clear exactly why Vince McMahon continues paying him all that money to book him the way he does. We should be grateful for it.

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