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The complete list of survival times for the 2019 men’s Royal Rumble match

The 2019 men’s Royal Rumble match lasted 57 minutes and 24 seconds (57m 24s).

The survival time for a superstar is the time that lapses between the point when he steps foot into the ring and the time that his feet hit the floor to signal elimination. This does not include the time it takes for a superstar to make his way from the entrance ramp down to the actual ring.

The average superstar survival time for the 2019 men’s Royal Rumble match was 10m 45s and the median survival time was 8m 06s.

Here is the full list of survival times for all 30 superstars:

  • 43m 00s: Seth Rollins
  • 29m 57s: Mustafa Ali
  • 26m 33s: Andrade
  • 23m 43s: Samoa Joe
  • 20m 05s: Drew McIntyre
  • 17m 44s: Shinsuke Nakamura
  • 15m 09s: Elias
  • 14m 37s: Braun Strowman
  • 13m 51s: Johnny Gargano
  • 12m 43s: Dean Ambrose
  • 12m 30s: Rey Mysterio
  • 11m 36s: Dolph Ziggler
  • 11m 18s: Pete Dunne
  • 9m 19s: Shelton Benjamin
  • 8m 54s: Kofi Kingston
  • 7m 18s: Baron Corbin
  • 7m 04s: Jeff Hardy
  • 6m 09s: Aleister Black
  • 6m 02s: Big E
  • 5m 55s: Randy Orton
  • 5m 44s: Apollo Crews
  • 4m 09s: Curt Hawkins
  • 3m 14s: Kurt Angle
  • 3m 13s: Nia Jax
  • 1m 20s: Jeff Jarrett
  • 0m 29s: Jinder Mahal
  • 0m 12s: Bobby Lashley
  • 0m 04s: Titus O’Neil
  • 0m 03s: Xavier Woods
  • 0m 03s: No Way Jose

Every listed time above should be viewed with a margin of error of about 3 seconds or so.

The five shortest survival times went to No Way Jose, Xavier Woods, Titus O’Neil, Bobby Lashley, and Jinder Mahal. You can take of this what you will.

After multiple attempts to accurately measure the shortest survival times, I would say that Bobby Lashley survived somewhere between 12 and 13 seconds, Titus O’Neil was right around 4 seconds, Xavier Woods landed between 3 and 4 seconds, and No Way Jose was just under 3 seconds. For what it’s worth, WWE’s web site has Lashley at 13 seconds, Titus at 5 seconds, Woods at 3 seconds, and Jose at 2 seconds.

The biggest difference between WWE’s listed times and mine centers on Andrade. I have him surviving 26m 33s, while WWE gives him 22m 31s. I’ve double checked the video and I stand by my number.

Seth Rollins did spend approximately 12m 55s outside the ring during the part where Bobby Lashley attacked him. If you reduce that time from Seth’s overall mark, he still beats out Mustafa Ali for Iron Man by about 8 seconds.

So there you have it, Cagesiders. Which of the above numbers surprise you the most?

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