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Roman Reigns will return as the top babyface WWE’s always wanted him to be

There were whispered hopes that Roman Reigns might return to WWE at Royal Rumble last night (Sun, Jan. 27) in Phoenix, and there was little doubt what kind of reaction he’d get.

It’s not even just the fact he’s currently busting his ass to not only once again beat leukemia, but to return to the WWE as quickly as possible.

It’s things like this speech, delivered by a battered and bloodied Roman Reigns after he lost the Universal title match to Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 34. His comments were captured for the latest WWE 24 documentary on the company’s streaming Network, and close the episode subtitled “WrestleMania: New Orleans”:

“Sometimes it’s scary, you know? How many beatings like this can you take? I got three inner stitches, eight or nine stitches on one of the cuts, a few staples for another cut above that. I just hope people are willing to see that I’m willing to do anything.

I’m proud of what I’ve done. And I just hope my kids see it, learn from it and replicate it, cause that’s what it takes. Every inch of you physically, ever fiber of you mentally, to the bone, through your soul. That’s the only way to get to the top and stay on top.

And as long as I can keep doing it, then I’mma do it.

Are you gonna boo that guy? Even ironically?

Before the last three months, many fans would look at a clip like that and think it scripted & staged to get fans to like Reigns. But after all we’ve heard from his friends and colleagues since he announced the return of his cancer in October 2018, that sounds like the man they love, that they want leading them into battle every night.

Knowing all that we know now, when he gets a clean bill of health and hits the ring, how can you do anything but celebrate him?

WWE fans will. Believe that.

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