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Daniel Bryan spins the crowd’s silence during his Royal Rumble match into his storyline

Look! It’s today’s evidence Daniel Bryan is the best guy currently doing it, and that he’s one of the best guys to ever do it.

Due partly to where it was placed on the card and partly to the fact it wasn’t one of the stronger matches which happened at the 2019 Royal Rumble, during Bryan’s WWE title match with AJ Styles last night (Sun., Jan. 27), the crowd at Phoenix’s Chase Field sat on their hands or used the time to head to the bathroom or concession stands.

What does the New Daniel Bryan do?

Point out how it’s more evidence of fickleness, and how a shallow man like Styles was affected by it while he, a crusader for a better planet, didn’t care because he only wants to change the world.


It would be better if crowds didn’t tune out of your matches.

But if they do... that’s how you spin it.

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