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A not drunk Chris Jericho wasn’t impressed with WWE’s roster, Brock Lesnar’s physique or the Royal Rumble

Wrestling fans were engaged and online early this morning (Jan. 28). Last night was WWE’s Royal Rumble, one of the most popular events on the calendar, so the world was paying attention to social media.

Probably a good time for the biggest star signed to a start-up promotion to trash talk the Rumble, WWE’s top men’s champion and the rosters of the companies with significant North American television presence.

That’s what All Elite Wrestling’s Chris Jericho did:

More trashy than classy. But it gets some digital ink spent on AEW at a time when the focus would otherwise be on WWE, and in a way that publicly states All Elite isn’t tampering with wrestlers under contract to other feds.

Sound right to you? Or did Jericho just make your list?

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