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Kacy Catanzaro & Naomi out Kofi-ied Kofi with Royal Rumble saves

The Kofi Kingston Royal Rumble save long ago became a thing. Lately, it seems like New Day’s old head was running out of new ideas even as age made it more difficult for him to do things like leap eight feet from a barricade to the ring steps. He pulled one a couple at the 2019 Rumble in Phoenix’s Chase Field on Jan. 27 (one of them barely), and they were fun, but they weren’t his best:

Kingston’s past work already sets a pretty high bar, but it was raised even higher this time out by the women’s match which occurred earlier Sunday night:

First, Ember Moon held on by the tips of her toes:

Then Naomi did something we’ve seen Kofi himself do before:

And then there was this. It’s not even fair, seeing as Kacy Catanzaro’s previous job was basically doing this stuff all the dang time as an American Ninja Warrior. But still... wow.

Kof has to take some pride in knowing he created this genre. But if he wants to have the best save next year, he’s gonna have to step up his game... and maybe ask Triple H to not put Kacy in the women’s match.

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