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Nia Jax enters men’s Royal Rumble, and WWE takes a step toward intergender wrestling

First Chyna did it. She was followed by Beth Phoenix, and then Karma.

But with the advent of a women’s Royal Rumble, many of us figured we’d see the last of women entering the men’s version.

But on Sun., Jan. 27, 2019 at Chase Field in Phoenix, Nia Jax attacked R-Truth as he was heading into the main event as the 30th entrant. Then she eliminated Mustafa Ali.

Something really interesting happened next. Usually when men and women are in matches together in WWE, the offense goes one way... from females to males. Or they’re contested under Mixed Tag rules, where only wrestlers of the same gender are allowed to compete with each other. In those cases, intergender action does occur, but again, it’s usually women hitting men, played as light comedy, and the show goes on as normal.

Tonight, Jax took signature moves from Dolph Ziggler and legends Randy Orton and Rey Mysterio before being eliminated from the match by a sliding kick from Rey.

Probably just a one off, but maybe a test case?

Either way, they booked Nia to look like a big deal here. What’s next for her?

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