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‘Representative’ for Lars Sullivan confirms he ‘went missing’, but says he’s now in a good place

NXT Superstar Lars Sullivan (real name Dylan Miley) was announced for the main roster, and rumors were he was in line for a big push upon arrival on Raw or SmackDown. While other call-ups have begun debuting, Sullivan has yet to appear, and reports are he returned to his home in Colorado after experiencing anxiety issues.

Triple H commented on Lars last week, but other than a generic statement from the Executive Vice-President, we hadn’t heard anything else official.

Until just before the Royal Rumble pay-per-view (PPV) on Sun., Jan. 27, when his “social media representative” William Christensen tweeted this:

The important thing is that he’s safe and sound. His pro wrestling career is obviously a distant second behind his well-being, but questions about his WWE future will persist.

We’ll keep you updated on both as information becomes available.

UPDATE: As many have noted in the comments, Sullivan/Miley has a pattern of tweeting as someone else about his character or himself, and there’s not reson to believe the Christensen messages aren’t an example of that.

Furthering the intrigue, the above tweet was deleted from the account last night.

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