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WWE NXT TakeOver: Phoenix results - Gargano pins Ricochet to become North American champ

The match most people expected to steal the show fell right in the middle of Sat., Jan. 26’s TakeOver: Phoenix.

Both men came dressed to impress. As if the story of a delusional Johnny Gargano trying to make good on his promise of “wins and championships” in 2019, or the workrate spectacle a rekindling of his long indie rivalry with North American champ Ricochet was sure to provide, wasn’t enough. Gargano wore gear inspired by the X-Men’s Jean Grey, and the One and Only wore an homage to Miles Morales of the Academy Award nominated Into The Spiderverse.

Things started at an extremely fast-pace, but the champ had an answer for everything Gargano threw at him.

Ricochet got dropped on his head, allowing Johnny to slow things down for a time. But things evened up again pretty quickly and that insanely fast-pace they started with was maintained for the remainder of the match. One amazing spot followed another, with scenes like these:

That those things didn’t end the match is part of why Gargano first opted to expose the cement at ringside, a la his old #DIY tag partner and nemesis Tommaso Ciampa. At first he opted not to go that way, but when the right path almost led to another loss, the man Ciampa calls Johnny Badass emerged.

Rolling the One and Only back in, Johnny mouthed the words “I win” and slingshotted himself into the ring for a DDT.

1 - 2 - 3 later, and Gargano has a win AND a championship.

Find a more detailed blow-by-blow and all the results for TakeOver: Phoenix here.

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