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I think we can say ‘never’ on Paige wrestling again

We haven’t heard much from Paige since she was removed from her role as SmackDown General Manager in favor of a bigger McMahon presence on WWE television but she’s still out there putting in work. At Royal Rumble Axxess, Chris Van Vliet caught up with her for a chat, mostly about promotion for “Fighting With My Family,” the movie coming out about her life, but of course talk turned to her retirement speech and the possibility of coming back to wrestle again.

That’s because the current WWE champion, Daniel Bryan, had to give a retirement speech and it was thought he was done for good as soon as one year ago. Perhaps Paige could become the next miracle story?

”His is a little bit different to mine. Like, mine’s all spinal, it’s kind of like Edge and Stone Cold. You know, it’s just the spinal stenosis. There’s no way I can get back in the ring again, so...”

But never say never, right?

”Never say never. I mean, maybe in about 40 years time but I don’t think you’re going to want to see like a 60 year old girl in the ring.”

If nothing else, it’s good to see her in relatively good spirits talking about such a soul crushing situation. We continue to wish her all the best as she moves forward, especially considering WWE hasn’t yet found a role for her since making its changes to television.

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