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WWE announces Diva, er, we mean Female Superstar Search

Okay, in the announcement of a new reality show dedicated to finding “the next female Superstar”, WWE doesn’t even mention Divas Search, the 2003 - 2007 competition which resulted in the signing of, among others, former champions Michelle McCool, Layla El and Eve Torres.

But that they’ve partnered with the production house behind the Total Divas/Bellas & Kardashian franchises and are focused solely on women as opposed to launching another Tough Enough aimed at finding wrestlers of all genders makes the association for a lot of us that watched during the Divas Era.

There’s little to go on beyond the announcement itself and a link to the Bunim/Murray Productions casting page at this point, so we’ll have to wait and see how WWE navigates this. The Divas/Women’s Revolution/Evolution has been one long exercise in WWE trying to selectively acknowledge their past booking of women while presenting themselves as the champions of a new wave of women’s wrestling.

Where does a reality competition cast by a reality TV empire fit into that?

Stay tuned.

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