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Daniel Bryan is coming for Chase Field’s Royal Rumble burger

Next on his hit list? All of global capitalism.

WWE champion Daniel Bryan’s promo on Vince McMahon and the baby boom generation from the Jan. 22 episode of SmackDown went viral this week. Even if probably won’t do a lot to change the system or help the planet, that was a big step in his goal of being more hated than Brock Lesnar.

And the New Daniel Bryan isn’t done yet. Especially when another topic sweeping the internet makes such a (literally and figuratively) juicy target...

The hosts of Sun., Jan 27’s Royal Rumble tried to get cute and make like Wendy’s Twitter, but DB wasn’t having it. In fact, his comeback gave a shout out to the Phoenix Children’s Hospital and called Chase Field’s bluff...

As my man Kyle Decker said, “I don’t think they’re gonna donate the money to that children’s hospital.”*

Further proving that while this is mostly for heel heat, Bryan wouldn’t mind if he changes a few minds in the process, when Canadian author, activist and global capitalism critic Naomi Klein caught wind of his new gimmick via last Tuesday’s promo, she invited him to speak to her class at Rutgers where she’s the chairperson of Media, Culture, and Feminist Studies program.

He says he only wants to learn so he can spread the anti-consumerism gospel to the WWE Universe:

Klein seems open to the idea and, wow. It won’t get him hated by everyone, but there are definitely people who are gonna get shoot mad about some of this stuff.

Which proves that whatever you think about his views, or how much of them are legitimate and how much they’re being played up for kayfabe purposes, Daniel Bryan is very good at pro wrestling.

* Apparently, Chase Field will be making some kind of donation to Phoenix Children’s Hospital. Score one for the good bad guy!

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