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Cup of coffee in the big time: WrestleMania could be the perfect time for Ronda Rousey to step away

With rumors of Ronda Rousey’s departure from WWE — at least temporarily — swirling, there is plenty to think about in regards to the future of the women’s division.

Rousey taking time away from WWE would not be a massive hit to the promotion given the depth in the women’s locker room. And Rousey hasn’t proven to be a huge TV rating booster, which is less her fault than the general status of WWE being less “Superstar driven” than ever before.

Still, losing a big star is never a small thing. And her being under contract for a few years doesn’t prevent her from taking time away from the company.

There is a great potential story to be told should she step into a role like John Cena or Undertaker and only be available for select big events.

Rousey came onto the scene and proved herself an entirely capable in-ring competitor who could also pull out some top-shelf matches in the right situation. Her troubles on the mic are obvious and WWE’s refusal to reduce her mic time has been maybe the biggest issue with her run.

Rousey’s year in WWE has made for solid storytelling with a variety of opponents and potentially wrapping up with a loss to Becky Lynch or Charlotte Flair at WrestleMania would be a very good closing chapter for volume one of her WWE story.

Rousey has battled the authority, she’s battled the greatest champion of the “Divas Era”, and she’s overcome the likes of Nia Jax. Now she’s in the deep end against the best WWE has ever had to offer with Sasha Banks at the Rumble and presumably Flair and/or Lynch at WrestleMania.

Going toe-to-toe with those women and finally picking up a loss in singles action sets the table to “step away and figure things out” while tending to her real life and leaves the perfect opening for her eventual return to seek revenge.

There’s no shame in her stepping away and there’s a lot of value in showing some vulnerability while boosting the profile of the top women in the company.

It’s a great time to tell the story of Rousey finally meeting her match and there’s no shame in leaving the division in an even better place while doing what she sees fit in her personal life.

You know ... unless Vince makes her a deal she simply can’t walk away from.

So excited for Rumble weekend, I might just dance.

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