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Rey Mysterio shows up at NXT house show for a little west coast pop

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He only hit the 619 while in the 619, but his hometown loved it.

WWE likes to remind us that anything can happen at one of their live events - and that means any of their live events. So with every branch of the company in the southwest corner of the United States and NXT in his hometown, why not get a little West Coast Pop and create some buzz with living legend Rey Mysterio?

That’s what they did at the black-and-yellow brand’s Jan. 24 house show in San Diego. With undercard heel Kona “The Finest” Reeves holding court at Viejas Arena to run down the 619, who better to come out and defend its honor than the Master of the 619? Reeves played cowardly rudo all the way, backing down and pretending to honor Rey before attacking him from behind.

You know what happened next...