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CM Punk comments on returning to pro wrestling, gives lesson in grammar

You know someone who won’t be in the 2019 Royal Rumble?

CM Punk.

The Voice of the Voiceless took to social media today (Jan. 24) to promote a new print of t-shirts from Pro Wrestling Tees in the most Punk way possible.

As you could imagine, Punk’s promotional tactics netted him exactly the results he was looking for. Who knew?

Yeah, maybe don’t tweet at wrestlers, UFC fighters, celebrities, or just people in general while using all caps.

Fear not, there was a happy ending to this internet story in 2019.

At least Punk got to briefly dust off his Grammar Slam persona.

When we last heard from Punk he was squashing rumors, or hopes, of him joining up with the crew over at AEW.

Will there be any CM Punk chants this Sunday at the Royal Rumble?

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