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Nikki Bella on a pole match imminent?

Things are going pretty well for UFC’s Henry “The Messenger” Cejudo. Already an Olympic gold medalist in freestyle wrestler, Cejudo. This past Saturday (Jan. 19), he retained his flyweight title at UFC Fight Night 143, TKO-ing TJ Dillishaw in just 32 seconds.

Then he went on Ariel Helwani’s MMA Show and shot his shot.

Cejudo told the story of meeting his “biggest crush” Nikki Bella on a flight out of Arizona. Their conversation in first class stayed G-rated; Henry chatted her up about how much his niece loves her. But when Ariel said he was going to play matchmaker, the champ said he was “single, tri-lingual and ready to mingle”.

Then Helwani made good on his word/threat, and tagged the Bellas when tweeting the clip:

Nikki responded! And while she sounded very much like someone rumored to be dating her Dancing With The Stars partner, and who says she still talks to her ex after every date, she wasn’t not flirty. Bella suggested they share a training session, and maybe a glass of wine, sometime in the future.

The Messenger is ready to teach some moves...

But that’s not all! Because there’s apparently a bigger market for possible combat sports/sports entertainment crossover romance teases than I ever knew was possible, TMZ Sports caught up with Cejudo and pressed the issue. That interview closed by asking Henry if he was willing to face John Cena for the right to date Nikki (take that, Gillette!) and the flyweight champ was willing... if a little confused on ladder match rules:

“Is that even a question? Do you smell what The Messenger is cooking?! I’m talking about a ladder match. I’ll be the first one to get off that damn ring. And then, I’ll be waiting for Bella right at the corner, man!”

I’m actually not sure what the stipulation he’s proposing here is. Climbing ladders, jumping out of the ring, meeting someone in a corner... it almost sounds like that late WCW-era classic the Judy Bagwell on a Pole match.

Why not? Call Vince Russo and book this thing. Provided Nikki approves, of course.

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