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Impact originals Abyss & Sonjay Dutt are reportedly WWE bound


Three months ago, after working for the promotion virtually non-stop since it started in 2002, Abyss became the eighth member of the Impact Wrestling Hall of Fame. Since then, while still occasionally appearing on-screen, he’s mostly been working behind-the-scenes as producer.

Today (Jan. 23), word hit that he was done with the former TNA and headed to WWE.

Joining Abyss (aka Joseph Park, real name Chris Parks) is another man who was with TNA at the outset. Sonjay Dutt had a couple stints away from the company. Since going back a second time in 2017 and following the acquisition of Impact by Anthem Entertainment, he’s risen the ranks backstage and was seen as one of Don Callis & Scott D’Amore’s top writer/producers heading into this year.

Now, according to PW Insider, he’s not only done with Impact, but on the way to WWE.

Insider reports they’ve confirmed Abyss and Dutt’s exits, news of which was shared with the roster via an email wishing them well. Sources tell the site they left on good terms and Impact didn’t want to hold them back from the “great opportunities” they were offered. Those opportunities are said to be with WWE, where they’ll be starting shortly.

Konnan and Tommy Dreamer will replace Dutt & Abyss on the creative team for Impact.

It’s impossible to know what this means for the Anthem-owned promotion, but with so many people who first hit wrestling fans’ radar in TNA now working elsewhere, and the recent move to a cable channel available to significantly fewer viewers, and with Chris Jericho choosing to sign with start-up All Elite Wrestling (AEW) rather than his friend Callis... the signs aren’t good.


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