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Here’s Ronda Rousey in a tub of ice telling Kevin Hart championships aren’t her goal in WWE

If you tell me Ronda Rousey is on something called Cold As Balls, you’ve got my curiosity.

If you tell me that means she’ll be sitting in a tub of ice next to Kevin Hart, who will also be sitting in a tub of ice, you’ve got my attention.

Having watched the above 13 minute episode, I can’t honestly say it was worth that attention. Ronda covers mostly familiar ground about her childhood and how it led to her UFC career, but watching Hart drop more & more f-bombs as guys dump more & more ice into their tubs is pretty funny.

And, after largely glossing over her UFC days, we do get this interesting quote about her vision for her WWE career:

“The goal is not to be champion. Rowdy Roddy Piper’s son taught me a very important lesson, and he said it doesn’t matter - the belts don’t matter. And it’s about stories, and the storytelling, and I just - I really want the WWE and the women’s division to be better off because I was there. I want to be a catalyst and I want to push everything forward and I want people to thank me for being there.”

The company clearly thought quickly putting a championship around her waist would be good for business, but Ronda says that wasn’t a priority for her. Losing the title - to Sasha Banks at Royal Rumble, Becky Lynch or Charlotte Flair at WrestleMania 35, or someone else farther down the line - will eventually be necessary to “push everything forward”. This makes it sound like she’s already ready for that, too.

We’ll see. If Ronda handles it as well as she does being interviewed while freezing her nethers off, she should be fine.

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