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Cup of coffee in the big time: SmackDown Live is the best superhero show on TV

I’m a nerd living in an era with no shortage of things to nerd out about.

Comic book writing is, by and large, better than ever and superheroes dominate the box office with movies that are almost all good.

Wrestling is available in a volume that is impossible to keep up with between WWE, international promotions and the indies.

The perfect intersection of these two things has become SmackDown Live — which is the best superhero show on TV.

Think about it.

The former police officer who now dresses like this:

tries to take down the violent, remorseless monster bent on destruction.

“The Phenomenal” A.J. Styles, a man with superhuman gifts tries to take back power from a man who would destroy a world that doesn’t conform to his obsessive views of right and wrong.

The masked man who can fly returns to reclaim his spot as best in the world years after many thought him (well, his career) dead only to run into a younger star bent on making his name off vanquishing the legend.

A snake stalks around the edges of the main story, unleashing violence when least expected.

SmackDown’s identity has become so much more defined than Raw and its Superstars have been allowed such personality that it feels like a universe within a (WWE) universe.

In 2019 there’s no shortage of things for a nerd like me to love, but SmackDown Live is nearing the top of that list.

NXT and then we’re on the wait for TakeOver and the Royal by god Rumble. Grab a seat!

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