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Samoa Joe, Randy Orton ruin another classic Rey Mysterio vs. Andrade match

There was just no way Rey Mysterio and Andrade could possibly live up to the hype of their first two matches, right?

WWE has a bad reputation of taking something fans love and adore, then beating them over the heads with it until it is no longer a thing anyone wants to enjoy. Mysterio and Andrade getting back into the ring together so soon, just couldn’t be that good, could it?

It was and maybe it was even better than before.

This week on SmackDown, Mysterio and Andrade took their budding rivalry into a best two out of three falls format.

Not only did Mysterio and Andrade top their previous efforts, they were innovate and creative in adding different layers to their in ring match-up.

With Andrade up one fall to none and Mysterio looking completely worn out, the Lucha legend tied it up out of nowhere.

Tied up 1-1 and Mysterio and Andrade were somehow not even halfway done yet.

Go out your way to find and watch every second of this match.

Before Rey Mysterio and Andrade could work their way to a proper ending, Samoa Joe showed up.


That’s one way to get Joe booed by every pro wrestling fan on Earth. Joe would go on to take out both Mysterio and Andrade.

Then Joe grabbed the mic and this happened

Maybe the most blessed Randy Orton appearance in years, because Samoa Joe really deserved that.

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