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Finn Bálor needed a powerful ally to make his LGBT-inclusive entrance at WrestleMania a reality

The reputation of Finn Bálor, the #1 contender for the Universal championship, is approximately 25% cheeky bastard, 100% good dude (math’s never been my strong suit).

These quotes from an interview he did with Inside The Ropes while at the WWE UK Performance Center recently fall right in line with that.

In revealing that he doesn’t feel like he needs to win a top belt again, Finn discussed what does drive him at 37 years old and approaching two decades in the business:

“I’ve already kind of like had that feeling of what it’s like to be champion, and obviously it got snatched away pretty quickly, but I made it to the top of the hill. So now I’m just trying to meander through my professional career and figure out different ways of spreading a positive message - and obviously the ‘Bálor Club For Everyone’ is something that I’m pretty passionate about. I think that we as performers need to use our platform for more good, as opposed to just ridiculous self-arrogance, like just showing our abs [laughs].”

He didn’t say zero “ridiculous self-arrogance” of course.

Anyway, that’s the cheeky part. It did bring to a question about the all-inclusive Bálor Club entrance from WrestleMania 34, something he had to fight for. Eventually, he gained a very powerful ally in his cause, though:

“That was something I honestly believed in for a very long time. And I had pitched, and pitched, and pitched to a lot of different departments in WWE and it had been shot down, and shot down, and shot down, and it wasn’t until Stephanie [McMahon] got wind of the idea that it all started to fall in to place. It’s easier for a message to come down the line of command than it is to go up the line of command.”

Maybe Steph was worried he’d stop posted these if she didn’t get the idea greenlit?

No matter, we’re glad she did. And that the Irish thirst trap is a very good dude.

Watch the entire interview with him below:

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