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All updates on Roman Reigns continue to sound positive

It’s been three months since Roman Reigns announced the return of his leukemia, and his exit from active WWE duty.

In that time, we’ve only received a few reports and indications on how his treatment is going, but they’ve all sounded positive. Heading into 2019, that continues to be the case... from updates courtesy his friends and colleagues, to even the occasional photo:

About a week ago, Chris Van Vliet asked Chris Jericho about the Big Dog, and got this quote:

“I talk to him quite often - seems to be doing pretty good from what I know. I don’t know how much he wants to get out there as far as what he’s doing, but he’s doing his treatment and I think things are doing pretty well. And I don’t know much about leukemia. I don’t know what the endgame is as far as when you’re quote-unquote ‘cured’, when it goes into remission, when you can do physical matches or travel or whatever it is.

But I talk to him quite a bit. I got a group text with him in it and I text him on the side quite a bit. He always seems to be doing pretty well, in good spirits. And he’s a great guy and I know over the years that a lot of people have bagged on him, but he’s the wrong guy to bag on because he is a sweet guy, funny, works hard, big heart. So, we love him and I think it’s just a matter of time before he comes back, but more importantly, that he stays healthy for his family, for sure.”

And just this past weekend, Wrestling News made like TMZ and caught up with Braun Strowman as he arrived for an appearance at iPlay America in New Jersey. After revealing Roman is probably the “wettest” opponent he’s ever faced, Braun answered a question about his friend:

“He’s doing really well, he’s doing really well. I think he’s in Hawaii right now still vacationing, seeing some of his family, so everything’s going good with him... It’s just a day-by-day thing, I know he’s doing his treatments and stuff at home and when I speak to him he sounds well, says he feels well, so I trust him in everything he’s ever told me, so...”

Keep sending those good vibes Romey’s way. They don’t seem to be hurting.

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