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Did The Man go too far?

It’s not clear why. The pair have plenty of history, but Raw’s Mickie James is in the Royal Rumble match this weekend while Becky Lynch will be challenging for Asuka’s SmackDown’s Women’s title - although the internet attention which comes from tussling with The Man on Twitter these days is probably answer enough.

For whatever reason, last night (Sun., Jan 20) James decided to quote-tweet a picture Becky posted of herself smiling backstage at a house show with a caption attacking Lynch’s oft-explained nickname:

Fans responded to that with various ways of virtually chanting, “Becky’s gonna kill you”. And then Lynch did - at least IMHO - with a brief response which could just be about James’ famous introductory feud with Trish Stratus back in the aughts, but might also be read as a reference Mickie’s old relationship with John Cena:

Too far? Or even if she was just talking about kayfabe, was Bex playing too close to the line with something that could result in Mick being targeted with some $#!+ty online behavior?

Either way, James wasn’t impressed:

Probably not the end...

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