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Bad NFC Championship Game call makes a meme out of old SmackDown match


In case you missed it, or just aren’t a fan of American football or any of the things some of my pop culture friends call “sportsball”, the teams who will play in the Super Bowl were determined yesterday (Jan. 20) in the NFL’s Conference Championship Games.

From the AFC side of the bracket, Tom Brady and the New England Patriots emerged like 2010 John Cena for their third straight, and fourth in the last five years, trip to the big game. In the NFC Championship Game, the Los Angeles Rams defeated the New Orleans Saints to earn the right to play Edge to the Pats’ Cena.

But there are a lot of people in New Orleans and around the football world who are questioning if “earned” is the right word for the Rams’ win.

As Pusha says, if you know you know. If you don’t (and you care), you can read up on it here. Long story short - a Rams’ defender chose to more or less shoulder block a Saints’ receiver as he was trying to catch a pass rather than attempt to legally break up the play. Even he and his teammates admit it should have been a penalty, and would have been a big error by the officials at any point. But toward the end of the game that decided who’s going to the Super Bowl, it’s been called “the worst missed call in history”.

Why does this matter to you, the scripted fighting aficionado? Because when people think crooked/incompetent refs, they think pro wrestling. And the fine folks at The Ringer even dug up a special guest referee Kurt Angle-assisted Edge & Christian old World Tag Title win over The Rock & Undertaker from a Dec. 2000 episode of SmackDown to drive the point home:

The Rated R-Superstar noticed, too, tweeting the modified clip and saying, “I appreciate when I can be a part of showing the inadequacies of football officiating.”

It just goes to show ya. There’s really nothing which can’t be described with wrestling and Photoshop.

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