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Daniel Bryan & AJ Styles, improv masters

During the WWE championship match between Daniel Bryan & AJ Styles at the SmackDown house show in Omaha, Nebraska yesterday (Jan. 20), the second rope broke:

A stage malfunction like that might throw some performers off, but these guys are old pros. Styles grabs a mic to work the rope break into the ongoing all-American carnivore vs. consumption-hating vegan rivalry - complete with cheap pop:

And, of course, it wasn’t long before the rope came into play:

Bryan would go on to retain his title, presumably through nefarious means followed by AJ getting the last laugh somehow, cause house show. The rope issue would be addressed, as pics and videos shared of the rest of the action - including a main event Triple Threat between Women’s champ Asuka, Becky Lynch & Charlotte Flair - included the standard three rope set-up.

It’s a good reminder that anything can happen at a WWE Live event, and wrestlers - especially guys like AJ and DB who’ve worked more than a few indies with less-than-optimal equipment - know how to handle almost all of it.

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