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Becky Lynch’s response to people saying she’s ‘overrated’

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Becky Lynch

From her interview with AZ Central:

“I keep hearing now that I’m ‘overrated.’ I don’t think I even know what that really means. Does it mean that I’m not what you think i should be? I’m working my (rear) off and delivering what I say and get a reaction every single time. What does that mean? Of course it’s only from a few loud people. And that’s naturally gonna happen as you rise up the ranks. ... Yeah, I think it happens with anybody trying to make art or entertain. But you always hope you can get the people talking in whatever way. That’s what you dream about. This is already bigger than I ever could have possibly imagined.”

Having any success in literally any venue that involves being a public figure means you will always have detractors. It doesn’t matter what you say or do, there will be people who feel you don’t deserve it, or aren’t good enough for it, and they will often be louder than those who feel the opposite and choose to support you. The negativity is always amplified.

There’s some psychology to that, and the inevitability of it can be crushing if you allow it to be. Thankfully, Lynch seems to have the right attitude and it hasn’t stopped her from being the star she has become, whether some folks feel she’s overrated and undeserving or not.

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