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#WeSupportToni, and Alexa Bliss is right

These two items aren’t directly related, I don’t think. They don’t even exactly cover the same aspects of toxic online behavior. But seeing this tweet from Alexa Bliss... the same time that 2018 Mae Young Classic winner Toni Storm has left social media, allegedly because some of her private data is being shared around the web without her consent (including back to her on Twitter and Instagram), there’s no reason not to associate the two.

Because Bliss is right. Whether it’s verbally being $#!+ty or violating someone’s privacy or harrassing them for choices that don’t affect you or harm anyone, too many people use the anonymity the internet provides as cover for bad, hurtful and even criminal behavior.

Stop it. And when you see it happening, call it out. People, and all too often the women and others from minority populations who bear the brunt of this ****ery, shouldn’t have to put up with it.

Seeing #WeSupportToni trending is nice. Maybe a post like this helps... I honestly don’t know. But life is too short, and the internet too powerful a tool, for us to be down in the digital muck all the time.

Whatever credo works for you - don’t be a dick, do unto others - bring it to mind before you click on a link to something you know wasn’t intended for public eyes, or type a rude or hateful comment to a wrestler. Or other celebrity. Or anyone.

We’ve got to try something. #CmonPeople

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