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Vince McMahon to moderate what will surely be a calm discussion on SmackDown Live

Vince McMahon has been trying to bring something out of AJ Styles, the real animal underneath or something. Meanwhile, he’s been embroiled in a feud with Daniel Bryan over both the WWE championship and the fact that he’ll enjoy a hot dog every now and again.

Now, all three will come together for a segment on next week’s episode of SmackDown Live, the final blue brand show before they wrestle for the title at Royal Rumble on Sun., Jan. 27, 2019, at Chase Field in Phoenix, Arizona.


With both Superstars having attacked each other in arena concourses over consecutive weeks, animosity is running at an all-time high in this incredibly personal rivalry. And now, with Mr. McMahon moderating, who only a few weeks ago urged The Phenomenal One to bring out “the real” AJ Styles, will matters boil over just five nights before they square off at Royal Rumble?

Surely it will be a civil discussion that doesn’t involve any kind of physicality, right? Maybe they’ll talk about Styles pondering the flat Earth theory, or Bryan’s latest gardening techniques?

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