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Well, thank goodness for that at least...

WWE’s 2014 SuperStars For Kids Photo by Erika Goldring/Getty Images

Hulk Hogan’s return to Raw for the memorial of his friend, the late, great Gene Okerlund on Jan. 7 went about as well as Hogan and WWE could have hoped.

That doesn’t mean the former is done trying to win over fans still angered & saddened by his racist comments on the leaked sex tape audio which led to his 2015 firing, or how he’s apologized and attempted to atone since. Hogan’s latest interview with People features more talk of how he’s changed since he made the statements on that 2006 tape, and how the death of friends like Okerlund have caused him to realize the error of his past ways and focus on serving others.

Each person will have to decide for themselves whether or not they accept those apologies, explanations and actions. But there is something in the interview almost all wrestling fans should be glad to hear from the 65 year old with a fused spine:

“I’m too old to wrestle. I embarrassed myself enough out there by moving too slow, so I don’t want to get back in there again. I don’t think I could. I could probably wrestle somebody like John Cena or Vince McMahon, but as soon as I’d be done they’d be taking me straight to the hospital to fix something … the body’s too worn out for that.”


Thank goodness Cena’s not working Saudi Arabia, otherwise I’d be worried some prince would throw $10 million Hogan’s way for a match at Greatest Royal Rumble II.

But overall, phew.

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