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Nikki Cross & Killian Dain tie the knot

Even though we don’t always write about wrestlers’ personal lives here at Cageside, we’re as starstruck and nosy as the average human, so we’re collectively pretty in the know about who’s dating who.

While I haven’t caucused with the whole team yet, I can tell you that I personally was unaware that Nikki Cross and Killian Dain were an item - let alone that they’d been together for a decade.

Well, they have. And now they’re married. And furthermore, underneath all that hair Killian is a total babe!

Nikki, of course, is quite babelicious herself. And looks aren’t the main thing here anyway. Take it from one of Cross’ fellow Scots who’s known the couple since before they were main roster WWE Superstars:

Congrats to the happy couple, and join us in wishing them an inSAnely great future together.

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