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Dakota Kai is finally getting surgery for her torn ACL

Word spread across the wrestling web the weekend of Dec. 7 that the ‘X’ went up during a six woman tag match at NXT’s Friday night Green Bay show, and Dakota Kai was helped to the back by trainers.

Reports followed that she’d suffered a torn ACL, but as time went by with no update and social media posts from the New Zealand native showing her enjoying her winter break, there was some hope she might not need surgery or be out the six-plus months rehabilitation can take.

Those hopes were unfounded, as Kai tweeted an update early this morning (Jan. 17) as she was headed into surgery:

“I had always felt invincible. Working through minor injuries was something I never thought twice about because I love what I get to do.

On December 7th in Green Bay during the last NXT road loop of 2018, I planted my foot awkwardly after a kick and I tore my ACL. I put off posting this because I wanted to focus on being home for the holidays and to be honest, I dreaded having to even mention this as I didn’t want to let any of you down. That, over everything, was and is the most heartbreaking feeling in the world.

Unfortunately, this will take me out for a bit. I’m surrounded by amazing people, doctors, trainers and you. It helps more than I can explain, especially being so far away from my family. The amount of positiviy & support I have received already has been so overwhelming. It’s going to be a tough ride, mentally and physically. I know that. The last thing I want is sympathy...but hear me when I say this; with my whole being, I know for sure I will be back stronger than ever. I will hit the ground, running. That’s a promise.

‘Above all, don’t fear the difficult moments. The best comes from them.’

Go get ‘em, Kingslayer.

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