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Sasha Banks teaches ‘fan’ Ronda Rousey about the 4s

After this week’s Raw, Ronda Rousey sent one of her better social media posts Sasha Banks’ way. The Raw Women’s champ questioned her Royal Rumble challenger’s use of the Four Horseperson hand sign, pointing out that Sasha’s spent as much time feuding with the other three members of her NXT foursome as she has partnering up with Charlotte Flair, Becky Lynch & Bayley.

That’s not exactly why The Boss throws up the 4s, though. She went on Instagram herself today (Jan. 16) to explain the difference...

While not being quite the dagger I’ve heard it represented as - let’s face it, love or hate her, Ronda knows a thing or two about knocking people with low expectations on their asses, both in the Octagon and the squared circle - it’s a very good babyface mission statement. And the closing lines about sending stan, I mean Ronnie, back into the audience are very good (and fitting, since reports are Rowdy only plans to wrestle for a couple years before heading back to the ranch to raise a family).

Ronda’s digging in and further clarifying her unit as the “real” Four Horsewomen, Shayna Baszler & Bayley have jumped in, and we’re still left wondering if the stable sniping is leading to anything on screen.

No matter, and however way you score this round, the Raw’s Women’s title feud is heating up... and Royal Rumble’s program is already much better than TLC‘s.

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