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Daniel Bryan’s serious about this anti-hot dog crusade, and he’s not crazy about Brie putting chicken in her bra, either

While I personally hope it’s a throwback to one of their best bits from the dearly departed Talking Smack, it’s more likely that the fixation on hot dogs we’re seeing on SmackDown the past few weeks is due to WWE champion Daniel Bryan’s heel character being a militant vegan who believes consumerism is ruining the world, while #1 contender AJ Styles is a good old all-American boy.

Leaning into the latter, DB took his crusade to the next level on social media last night. The “New” Bryan not only turned stomachs with a behind the scenes look at hot dog production (and tagged the always controversial People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals!), he used beloved childhood icons Winnie the Pooh and Piglet to shame meat eaters:

Meanwhile, the title of this clip from the next episode of Total Bellas would lead one to believe that Bryan might be chastising wife Brie Bella for putting murdered landfowl in her undergarments. Sadly, the promised “chicken cutlets” aren’t mentioned in the clip, so we’re left with good guy DB talking about how he loves his wife’s body just the way it is, and hopes his daughter never wants to surgically alter hers:

It’s not easy promoting his various WWE projects and maintaining some semblance of kayfabe. But bless him, DB tries...

Still not forgiving you for the mental image of Piglet at the slaughterhouse, though, man.

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