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Toni Storm returns to social media

It is #ToniTime on Instagram once again.

A couple weeks back, 2018 Mae Young Classic winner Toni Storm closed up her social media accounts. That was followed by a trending hashtag spread by colleagues, fans & friends of the 23 year old supporting her as people shared her private data without her consent.

There was even talk (never terribly credible, but out there nonetheless) that Storm was considering stopping performing altogether because of the situation.

Thankfully, Toni not only returned to the ring last Saturday (Jan. 12) at TakeOver: Blackpool, but she won the NXT UK Women’s title.

Then yesterday, this showed up on her Instagram:

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A post shared by Toni Störm トニー・ストーム (@tonistorm_) on

Storm still hasn’t set up shop again on Twitter*, but whether she decides to or not, here’s hoping she’s back to living her life - online and in the real world - however she chooses.

The bastards are gonna get you down. Don’t let them keep you there.

*CORRECTION: Looks like she has but the lack of verification, and WWE still not tagging the account in anything, threw us off.

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