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Cup of coffee in the big time: The real problem with that Mandy Rose segment

How does the WWE Universe work?

It’s an important question when it comes to storytelling.

Stories can break under the weight of that question. For example: How was Mandy Rose’s plan last night supposed to work?

There were cameras present (aren’t there always?) and her hotel room antics with Jimmy Uso were clearly being filmed for SmackDown — unless we’re supposed to pretend no one involved noticed the cameramen in the hallway and hotel room.

So, how were the photographs supposed to matter? Were Jimmy and Naomi already not planning their revenge attack, had the photos “come out” they would have had no impact.

“Explain these pictures,” is done away with by saying “watch the TV show we’re a part of.”

When a similar story was used just a few months back with Rusev, Lana and Aiden English, the “encounter” wasn’t a part of the live show. That meant English could manipulate the situation without entirely breaking the storytelling tools.

There’s no way to pretend the characters don’t see the cameras in the hotel room, they’re human beings holding large cameras and moving around during the entire segment.

There’s no way to pretend the characters aren’t aware they’re on a TV show.

Which all means there’s no reason to do the segment the way it was done.

So, how does the WWE Universe work?

Well...I’m outta here

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