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The Mandy Rose-Jimmy Uso-Naomi feud is only getting dumber

So Mandy Rose’s grand plan to break-up the marriage of Naomi and Jimmy Uso was to blackmail him with pictures while he was being filmed on SmackDown?

Uh huh.

It’s gotten to the point where even Sonya Deville is even shaking her head at Rose’s evil schemes. Tonight (Jan. 15) on SmackDown, Rose gave Jimmy the key to her hotel room.

Jimmy showed up, Rose was in lingerie and a photographer popped out from the shadows to catch the pair standing together in a hotel room.


If this all some kind of cross-promotion, brand synergy between SmackDown and USA’s Temptation Island, then maybe WWE has an excuse for grasping at straws here.

At least we got to see Naomi beat up Rose in a hotel room.

Where does WWE take the Mandy Rose-Jimmy Uso-Naomi storyline next?

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