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Rousey tells Sasha what she can do with her ‘4s’

Either Ronda’s hired some new social media writers, or she’s getting better at this!

I’m not sure that having Charlotte Flair or Becky Lynch urinate on her would be an effective way for Sasha Banks to handle the situation should she be set aflame. The expression Ronda Rousey directs at The Boss in her latest social media caption works for men because anatomy is such that the body part we pee through resembles a (miniature) hose. But I suppose it might work like one of those overhead sprinklers that fire alarms set off if a woman tried it? She’d probably catch on fire herself, though...

Never mind that. Sometimes I overthink things.

Point is, Raw Women’s champ Rousey is on Instagram today (Jan. 15) following up on her scenes with Banks from last night’s show.

And it’s a good post! Rowdy brings up Sasha using the Four Horseperson hand sign on her, questioning the allegiance between her Royal Rumble challenger and her probable ‘Mania opponent(s), all while plugging the new Women’s Tag Team titles!

Sure, the whole “piss” figure of speech is a little weird, but not as awkward or cringe-y as some past Ronda tweets and ‘grams. And otherwise, this is some solid psychology from the champ... especially if she’s looking to run through all four members of the NXT Horsewomen on her Road to WrestleMania 35.


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