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Don’t call what Elias does an act

He doesn’t appear headed to the main event scene like it seemed he might about six months ago, but Elias has entrenched himself as an upper midcarder on Raw. He even successfully transitioned to playing a babyface, a move many weren’t sure would pan out.

So feel free to throw some praise his way. But don’t call what he does “an act”.

As he told WMC 5 Action News while promoting tonight’s show in Memphis:

“I really don’t like you calling it an act. Because this is my real life. This is who I am, and this is what I do. I get out there on TV and I just kinda relax, be myself and let the world see what Elias is all about.”

Good kayfabe, or just a more accurate portrayal of what being a sports entertainer is in 2019?

“We do have a Performance Center where people get signed to WWE, and then they’re in a company called NXT, it’s all a part of the WWE branch, but right there you can work on yourself, learn who you are - find out who you are, and then figure out how to show that to the world.”

You decide. We’re gonna be wondering why Jerry Lawler hasn’t taught the stations in his hometown how to respectfully interview wrestlers yet (this is the same channel where Samoa Joe had to put a producer in a Coquina Clutch last summer).

Good thing Action News walked with Elias.

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