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Juan Cena returns - or - meet Juanito, the invisible member of Lucha House Party

If you were a WWE fan back in 2010, you undoubtedly remember John Cena’s feud with the Nexus. There were a couple story beats within that program where Cena was forced to join Wade Barrett’s heel stable or was “fired” from the company. These were done to try to balance out a rivalry everyone knew ended with LOLCENAWINS. And it didn’t really work, because, well, LOLCENAWON.

There was a brief (and we mean “Kevin Owens quits” brief) period of time after that year’s Survivor Series where an ousted Cena worked a house show or two under a mask, claiming to be John’s Mexican cousin, Juan. It was an early peek at the weird humor we now love about Cena. And of course, it didn’t lead anywhere except to more LOLCENAWINS moments.

And this won’t lead anywhere, either. But that’s okay, because we all know that, and it’s not tied up in a months long main event storyline from which a bunch of younger talents will never recover. Plus, it continues wrapping-up-my-in-ring-career-John Cena’s mission of giving a little online rub to the cruiserweight division.

Behold (if you can see him), Juanito!

Juan Cena’s time is now. Mostly because the mask means we don’t have to look at his hair.

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