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The Becky/Asuka Twitter war is a train wreck, and I can’t look away

Over the weekend, Becky Lynch and Asuka got into a little back-and-forth on Twitter.

This was not surprising, for any number of reasons. The two are set to wrestle for the SmackDown Women’s championship at Royal Rumble in Phoenix in two weeks, social media is one of if not the primary way WWE feuds are built these days and, well, it’s The Man’s bread and butter, right?

It started normally enough, with Lynch quote-tweeting the Empress of Tomorrow’s lifestyle blogger-esque pics of her apartment:

Asuka didn’t get the joke (posting pics of the cool new poster you bought is trite/lame), and that’s where things get weird...

The easy explanation for why this is different from Becky’s usual “insult -> lame/okay response -> ownage” cycle is the language barrier. But Lynch handled that critique fairly well, and used it to get back to her original slam:

But The Man still seems rattled, more than she’s ever been by “little weirdo” Ronda Rousey or “Bootleg Becky” Charlotte Flair. I think it’s because Asuka’s personality is much more than that of a Japanese speaker. She’s also either a little bit psycho, expert at playing psycho to keep her opponents off guard, or both.

It leaves Lynch reaching for a retort in a way she never has to with Flair or Rousey, Corey Graves or Seth Rollins. She’s forced to try and callback to one of her more successful Twitter offensives:

Becky seems to realize this, and quietly backs out of the fight with as normal a close as she can muster:

Meanwhile, the current titleholder is appropriating Becky’s trash talk and... I think trying to play matchmaker for Carmella and Sonya Deville?

I mean, what do you say to “Love laughs at locksmiths” and a woozy face emoji?

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