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Why Ronda Rousey is so excited to wrestle Sasha Banks

We’ve known for a while now that Ronda Rousey has wanted to work with Sasha Banks, considering she’s called it her dream match. If you want to know how excited she is for it, though, watch the above video and see her talk about it.

From said video:

”Everyone always asks me what my dream match is and I always say Sasha Banks because, I mean, I think, in my opinion, and opinion is subjective, I think a lot of women have had their best match with Sasha. I think that more people in the women’s division have had their best match with Sasha than anyone else, in my opinion. So I’ve always been really excited about the potential for what she could bring out of me. And up until this point I really didn’t think I was really at the level where I could fully take advantage of the opportunity to have a match with her.”

Later, she gets a second to think about it and breaks into a big smile while saying:

”I’m super excited! I’m really super excited. Like, when I first found out I marked out super hard. I was tripping like ‘don’t be a mark on Sasha.’ I’m totally like a mark around her sometimes but I feel like she thinks I’m just being creepy nice to her.”

Later still, she goes into why exactly she’s excited about the match:

”One reason why I’m really excited to have a match with Sasha is just there are so many things that only me and her would be able to do. Very, very small and very, very durable is not a very common combination. Just like there are certain things with Nia that I can only do with Nia because she’s so much bigger and stronger than me, there are so many things with Sasha that I’ll only be able to do with her because of how athletic and knowledgeable of wrestling she is. I’m really excited just because I feel like I’m going to learn so much and be so much better in the ring for having absorbed everything that I can from her.”

As for how they’re going to build it, she goes on to say that she’s also excited just to see how that’s handled. For her, she thinks it’s time to bring the Four Horsewomen into the picture, or at least broach the topic because everyone has so much to say on it.

Either way, this interview alone has made me wish Royal Rumble was tonight so we can see just what Rousey and Banks do together. I’m sold!

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