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Bayley on being vocal backstage at WWE: ‘We bother them a lot’

Bayley @itsBayleyWWE

Bayley recently did an interview with Metro Sport, and the following passage is most interesting:

How satisfied are you with where you are in WWE at the moment?

I never really look at other people, I just worry about myself. I’m always wanting more and there’s always a lot more to be done but we’re working on it and trying our best.

How vocal are you backstage?

Very vocal, we bother them a lot.

And do you feel that you’re listened to?

Sometimes, yeah. It’s a process.

You always hear stories of Vince McMahon having a lot of respect for wrestlers who are willing to speak their mind and take ideas straight to him, or others higher up on the food chain. Whether or not that results in anything worthwhile for those who do it is another matter, and difficult for fans to judge, considering how little we know.

If you look at how the last six months have gone for Bayley, you might think being vocal hasn’t been doing much good at all.

Perhaps that will change in the new year.

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