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Very brief edition of annual ‘WWE Future Endeavors’ video exemplary of a changing industry

In what’s become an annual tradition, the 2018 edition of YouTuber mangler989’s “WWE Future Endeavors” video is here.

Borrowing from Awards show packages honoring men & women who died in the year prior, the video has been released every New Year’s Day for more than a decade. It remembers the wrestlers & other talent who were released by WWE over the last 365 days - or as fans call it, “future endeavored”.

The term comes from the standard company press release announcing a split between promotion and performer, where WWE wishes them the best in their future endeavors.

Here’s this year’s edition, and a list of the former Superstars to whom it pays tribute:

Enzo Amore - Jan. 23
Rich Swann - Feb. 15
Abbey Laith - Mar. 8
Big Cass - June 19
Neville - Aug. 25

While it seems mangler missed some - all from NXT, but the inclusion of Laith eliminates that as an excuse to not mention names like Sage Beckett, Ming & Demetrius Bronson who left at the same time, and having the woman once again going by Kimber Lee on there despite WWE’s policy of not commenting on releases from developmental also makes you wonder why Nick Miller of The Mighty isn’t included - this is still a very short list this year.

Except Laith, these folks were all allegedly let go “for cause” in one way or another, too. With a streaming service demanding more & more content, competitors all around and flush with new television contract cash, the days of cost-costing mass releases appear to be over. Or at least on hiatus.

Will more and more people’s future endeavors be with WWE, unless they screw up or choose otherwise?

Enjoy this holiday tradition while you ponder the state of the business, Cagesiders.

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