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WWE did away with automatic rematches, and that is very good

When WWE promised to make changes to its on-screen product they got off to a bit of a rough start when it became clear that meant more of the McMahon Family. They’re good for ratings, sure, and all amazing performers, yes, but they’re also stale. That’s the entire problem with the show!

That said, they absolutely have made some changes that deserve recognition, perhaps none more important than getting rid of the automatic rematch.

If that wasn’t already clear before Monday Night Raw aired this week, Triple H rectified that when he denied Seth Rollins a shot at the Intercontinental championship:

”Nothing is going to be handed to anybody anymore. There is going to be no automatic anything. Which is why I’m here to tell you that your automatic rematch for the Intercontinental championship that you think was going to happen here tonight is not going to happen.”

The idea of the automatic rematch was always dumb, and bad, and it needed to be done away with. Thankfully, WWE did exactly that! That’s not to say they should never book rematches, of course — sometimes they’re warranted! It was always the “automatic” part that was the problem.

Kudos to WWE for this change.

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