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‘Nexus or against us,’ was an idea from Ryback on spice

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Do you remember the synthetic marijuana substance known as spice? Well, now spice has a positive to add to its resume.

On a recent episode of Conversation with the Big Guy, Ryback had Wade Barrett, now going by Stu Bennett, as his guest. The origin of the Nexus tagline came up.

Back in the day, the fellows consumed spice before it was banned. Ryback used it to help him go to sleep after suffering his serious ankle injury. During a spicy car ride, Ryback blurted out, “You’re either Nexus or against us.” That phrase was later used in an improvised promo. Bennett backed up Ryback’s claim.

Bennett: I remember it well, yes. What happened was we were, I guess a pay-per-view had ended early or something like that and Vince was going through a phase at that time of throwing improv moments to the guys. Just random guys he’d pick out and say, as you’re live on TV or live on Raw or on the pay-per-view or whatever, he would randomly tell Tony Chimel or whoever the ring announcer was, yeah, pass Wade a mic now and tell him to cut a promo.

You’re live on TV in front of millions of people and you’ve got nothing in your head and stuff like that. And I remember taking this mic, we’d run back out at the end of the pay-per-view and chase some people off or something like that.

We were standing there as Nexus in our yellow N t-shirts. We didn’t really have a line or anything like that or a tagline or anything. It was so new. So the mic comes over to me and I just start running off in some direction and just trying to think of a promo but having to talk at the same time. It’s very difficult to actually talk and think simultaneously. And I’m just waffling on about how we’re going to take down WWE. We’re here to cause maximum dirt. Just buying myself time so I can think of a close.

And then Ryback actually strolls behind me as I’m talking and just says, “Drop the line, Wade.” And I instantly knew what he was referring to. I was, oh perfect. Thank god we just so happened to be discussing this in the car the night before that we had this line we like to drop. Then I closed the promo with, “You’re either Nexus or against us.” And that was it. Dropped the mic. We all left. And we thought that was it.

We got in the car that night and drove on to the next town. I think it was Raw the next day. As we arrived at Raw, the merch guys pulled us over and they immediately got on and printed out shirts with N on the front, the big yellow N, and on the back, “You’re either Nexus or against us.” And that became the tagline from there. Vince apparently loved the line so much, he probably thought I thought it up on the fly. Of course, I didn’t tell him that it was Ryback’s idea.

They went on to joke about how Ryback gets shit for his claims about this, that, or the other. I believe the Big Guy, because mothers love the Big Guy. Moms can’t be wrong. Bennett put Ryback over as being a great guy in real life.

The full 48 minute conversation was very enjoyable. The chat was like listening to two old friends recalling funny tales. Bennett would call Ryback, Skipper, on various occasions.

Other topics included meeting each other and becoming friends, Ryback’s smelly gloves used on rookies in developmental, Bennett’s decision to leave WWE to pursue other opportunities, and Bennett’s current projects (I Am Vengeance, Ultimate Beastmaster, World of Sport Wrestling).

Skip to the 72 minute mark in the podcast for the interview. Or start at the 70 minute mark if you want to hear Ryback’s Ultimate Warrior inspired commercial.

Is Bennett’s word good enough for you to believe Ryback on this issue? Has spice ever given you a million dollar idea? Were you Nexus or against them?