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WWE is very excited about Charlotte Flair’s match on the Hell in a Cell ‘go home’ show

Earlier today, WWE’s official Twitter dropped this on us like a RKO...

Sorry for not breaking out cSs’ own “Breaking News” banner.

Misplaced enthusiasm or sly irony from whoever’s running the company’s social media accounts aside, a television match against SmackDown Women’s Champ Charlotte Flair is a nice opportunity for Sonya Deville. It also could be a good match, too - if it gets very far.

But seeing as this is the ‘go home’ for Hell in a Cell, where Flair will defend her title against friend-turned-rival Becky Lynch, our money is on a non-finish. Probably because the Lasskicker attacks Charlotte. Or maybe Mandy Rose gets involved one too many times, then Bex runs in to even the odds (because her tweener character wants to make sure the Queen doesn’t have any excuses when she beats her on pay-per-view (PPV) or something similar) and we get the old enemies-forced-to-tag routine to finish the build for Sept. 16 in San Antonio.

What’s your take on WWE’s breaking news, Cagesiders?