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Drew McIntyre needs to start naming names

It’s hard to know where he’s separating the work from the shoot here, considering he’s incorporated elements of this into his television character, but Drew McIntyre is once again calling out some folks in the WWE locker room.

From his interview with

“Things have changed in a lot of ways. It’s the guys who have come up through the system, mostly NXT, who are leading the force now. That’s a big difference. Everything keeps growing. The big thing for me is that I’ve grown as a person, matured and returned to make a difference. What I do notice backstage is as good a roster as we have -- we have the best roster in the world, men and women -- but we do have a few people that perhaps aren’t fulfilling their potential. I know this because that’s who I was during my first run with the company. And I can see it when I look around. It reminds me of myself when I didn’t realize the opportunity I had, that I was part of WWE, that this was the number one show, and I had to give it my all in and out of the ring in every possible situation, and I wasn’t. And I see that now that I’m back, and I’m trying to tell people in interviews like this. I’m trying to give the answers to everybody, and if you don’t take the answers to the question, perhaps it’s time for people to go away like I did and find themselves. And if they don’t, perhaps they don’t belong on the number one show in the world because I can assure you there are people in NXT waiting to take their spots.”

This is all well and good but how effective is a call out like this if no one knows who he’s talking about? This could apply to any number of wrestlers on the main WWE roster right now and it does no one any good to be left to speculate on as much.

If this is really and truly about accountability, and McIntyre actually wants to do what he claims, it’s time to start naming names. That comes with its own set of problems, yes, but that’s what he’s claiming to want to take on by espousing this position. These vague generalities aren’t helpful.

It’s time to name names.

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