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Credit Vince McMahon for the ‘burn it down’ in Seth Rollins’ entrance theme

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Seth Rollins

Seth Rollins entrance became infinitely more interesting when three simple words, burn it down, were added to it. They fill the dead space after the intro bit and before the heavy guitar rhythm comes in, and as it turns out, that was Vince McMahon’s idea.

Or that’s what Rollins himself told in a recent interview when asked about the origins of it:

“Honestly, I don’t exactly know. I feel like it was partially a take on the commercial for the video game last year where I’m sort of an arsonist when it comes to burning down the artifacts of the past. Having words in the entrance was totally Vince’s idea. There was nothing in that space, a weird dead space to Vince. He thought it was a good idea to fill it with something.

”We went through a couple of options, and that one fit the best. I chose it, and the next thing you know, it’s a huge part of my character. Thanks to Vince for having 50 years of pro wrestling knowledge in his back pocket. It’s a fun interactive thing for the audience. That many people screaming Burn it Down at WrestleMania was insanity.”

Interactive entrances are the best entrances in professional wrestling. It’s supposed to be fun! What could possibly be more fun than banding together with thousands of fellow fans and screaming “BURN IT DOWN” before a favorite makes his way out to have what will surely be an entertaining match?

Shout out to Vince McMahon on this one.